Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Blog is Growing

Well, we've finally got a few post going. My posting name is Semper, and Miserere&Nobis are the other posters (they post as a single unit.

We are unabashedly Catholic We love our faith. Here is my (Semper's) offical introduction

I am unabashedly Roman Catholic. Jesus Christ only Founded one Church, The Holy Catholic Church...and I have fallen in love with Him and His Church. He Purchased my soul with his blood and saw me as priceless even when i saw myself as worthless. He continues to bless me today with his holy Spirit(my guide, comfortor, my advocate, my inspiration, and the source of all goodness) , His blessed Mother whom I love very dearly and who prays unceasing before God the Father for her Children, my family, my friends, and the priests who act in his behalf to give me the sacraments.

I often come across as harsh with my beliefs and that gets me into trouble, It's because i am very passionate about what i believe in.

The Catholic Church is the greatest sign that There is a God and that He loves us. It is sufficient for everything we need because the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ who gave everything and constantly gives everything.

If you have Christ in your life you don't Oprah, Muhammad, Buddha or any of those other folks telling you how to live. Christ gives everything. he is everything, and apart from Christ, life is meaningless to me.

Other religions claim to offer Christ, but only a spiritual Christ. Since Jesus Christ Founded the Catholic Church, only there can you receive The whole Christ: Body, Blood, Soul, and divinity in holy communion. But remember you must believe, only then can you receive the graces that Christ gives. The more you believe the more he gives.

I love good wholesome liturgy and the Latin Mass. I despise liturgical abuses and it makes me sick to see them done.

I love the Blessed Virgin Mary, To the demons she is the most terrifying and fearsome enemy, but to us her Children, she is the epitome of a nurturing holy mother, whose arms were considered worthy by God to hold the infant Christ. We her Children have complete access to her love and care. She is my Joy and My love. and i've become dependent on this sweet, holy, perfect woman's prayers, Tutus tuus Maria.

I feel called to be a Catholic priest. I am a junior at a seminary college and i Love it.

I believe in everything that the Church teaches, and i would rewrite the words in the catechism and sign them with my blood if i needed to.
I promise that what the Church teaches is 100% truth.

I wish to share Christ in his fullness with the world. because with-out simply sucks. Christ is the Light that endures forever, I'll stay with him and his Bride...The Holy Catholic Church.

I urge everyone who reads this to seriously consider becoming Catholic. If you ever want to talk about ANYTHING contact me on facebook. Your soul is my greatest priority.

God bless you.

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