Monday, August 23, 2010

The Writings of the Saints.

There is a lot of Garbage out there. Feaux-spirituality and new age spiritual propaganda is spreading through-out the world. It is no good and demonic.

What really gets me is that We have a huge history of a Church that has been home to numerous spiritual masters who have left their gifts of spirituality behind in writing for us.

Some good ones are Saint Faustina's "Divine Mercy in my Soul" Saint Francis De Sales "Introduction to the Devout Life" Saint Augustine "Confessions" Saint Ignatius' "Spiritual Exercises" St. Theresa of Avilia's "Interior Castle" are just a few that don't even scratch the surface of Catholic Spiritual writers.

So put down "The Secret" and dive deep into the Saintly writers' spirituality and talk to God.

The new age movement leads people astray. And confuses souls. Just because a book may say "Jesus or Mary" doesn't mean it's from God. New age spirituality perverts the Gospel and dilutes it. Don't be deceived.

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